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Hi 8D by Jackoburra

Hi 8D

Howdy peeps! I hope you're all doing ok! I've been away for a while yet again, busy with my own projects and things and .... oooh gosh I still have some messages left unanswered Q_Q I'm really sorry about that, I'll get to those when I can XD;;

But yis! The subject of this journal is indeed the Bradford Literature Festival! I'm not much of a convention-goer, but I was invited to sit with a panel of fellow artists to discuss arty farty stuff and launch the newest Manga Jiman competition sooooo yep yep - if thou art in the area that day, feel free to pop by and say hi 8D

Date: Sunday 22nd May
Time: 3:30-4:45pm
Location: Small Hall
Admission Fee: FREE - But you do have to book a ticket

To find out more info and book tickets click here :D

Haaaa I'm feeling a little nervous, to be honest XD This is all really new stuff for me ^^; 

And now on a DIFFERENT subject, I recently returned to Facebook and set up a new Artist page. It's a little on the quiet side because I've been busy with other things, but if you could check it out and Like it or something, I would really appreciate it :>

Click here for my Facebook page :D

Also, a bonus for you all, whosoever can correctly identify the sweet little old lady on my FB display picture can request the next Poképeep! It's about time I returned to that project XD

Aaaaand I think that's it for now! I will go through my message centre now, I'm sorry for being so late about it XD I hope you all are doing ok!

Howdy peeps!

Good golly it's been a really long time! How are you all doing? How's life? Has the beginning of 2016 been treating you well? I'm sure I've been missing out on loads of things XD

Where have I been? I've been busy - I have a full-time job and all that to take care of, but as you can see with the recent Once Upon a Lunchtime comic, I've not been unproductive. I have still been drawing a bunch of stuff, but for various reasons (professional confidentiality, commissions, personal art, competition entries, just sketches/doodles/studies etc) I've not really been able to post anything publicly in months @_@ So as a result my online presence has diminished. I hope I can be around more, but I really can't promise anything XD I'm constantly being surprised by new deadlines or projects :>

Things that I CAN announce though aaaaaare:

As you all may have noticed now, my new username is Jackoburra \o/ I hope you like it! I still respond to the name Magpie, so it you wanna stick with that, it's cool :> I have a tendency to get bored of usernames so ... I like shifting things around XD The meaning behind Jackoburra? It's a fusion of words that I associate with happy things :> I thought I'd make up something rather than reuse existing words - it has a more personal feel :D

To all you Endling fans, I've recently been made the new co-founder of ENDgroup, so that's going to be interesting :> 

Manga Jiman 2015
I arrived 3rd place with Once Upon a Lunchtime, and my prize was a pretty awesome RICOH WG-M1 Action camera, which is totally nuts XD I don't go on many crazy adventures, the most travelling I do is a commute through London, so it will be fun to see how I can put this in use. In the mean time it looks like an ultra cool Digivice, so I'm all happy and nostalgic haha XD I can totally imagine my little gremlins pretending to be Digimon Tamers :>

Digicam Activate mini by Jackoburra

My forgetful brain can't remember if there are any more announcements, so that will have to do :> Now I have to catch up with all these messages XD Thank you everybody for those XD

I hope you're all doing ok!

Wazzuuuup peeps? How's it going? \o/

A big big thanks to everybody who's wished me a happy birthday :> I bought myself a celebratory pack of Pokémon cards, and amongst the cascade of Chespins 'twas the grandest Pokemon card I ever did set my mitts on!!! 

Mightiest Card Ever by Jackoburra

How grand is that? -u- Ahhh I love Pokemon cards :> Been starting up a collection again recently; I like rewarding myself with new cards whenever there's a cause for celebration XD

And as my little birthday treat, I'd like to guide you towards the direction of The Hunt - a new BBC wildlife documentary series, narrated by David Attenborough. I'm really enjoying it so far :> I love documentaries XD 

I doubt I'll be writing another journal this year, as usual I'm not around much, so I'll say now - I hope you've all had a productive 2015! And let's get a good run-up going for a fantabulous launch into 2016! \o/ And also have a very merry happippy Christmas! Or a very merry happippy December if Chrimbo aint your thing :>  ... eh it's not really my thing either, but I love Christmas carols -u- always looked forward to playing them in the orchestra XD Ahhh good memoriessss

May you all have good luck in the future! Also great ambitions and strong willpower to march your way to goals and glory! :D



Howdy folks :> I hope you've all been well!

Life on my side has been a little uh ... well... lifey. Lifey with a little less of Deviantart or Tumblr. Basically my online presence is pretty quiet. I'm sorry if I've not replied to any of your messages XD;

I went travelling for a little bit during the past few weeks, went to Prague and Helsinki, that was pretty awesome :> Lots of memories with fantastic friends! Tried doing some studies, trying to get better at drawing, still got a long way to go but hah... gotta tryyyy XD

How are you finding autumn so far? I love to step outside, sniff that crisp cold air, see the blue blue sky above, and look around at all of those colourful trees \o/ The perfect kind of season for apple pie! Think I should have a crack at an apple pie sometime :> They always go wrong though

Anyways yeah, thought I'd break the silence a little, it's been ages since the last journal XD

Toodlepip peeps :>



Yes you is :>

Sooo, if you've stuck around my dA page for the past few years, or been rootin' through all my old gallery then you may have seen some art related to a certain tournament known as Artists-at-the-Ready :>


And whaddya know? It's BACK! The fourth installment of creators versus creations is up and running, and they are now opening auditions with brisk deadlines and revamped rules. So if you're interested in having a crack at this gig then you better get your drawing hand a-flexin' because you have seven weeks to prove that you have what it takes to withstand the might of the Real and all that dwells within B-)

So yep that's my heads up for y'all. And as for me? Am I entering? Haaaahhh... I'm a busy working girl now. I've had trouble all this year trying to do any sort of comicking, I hardly think I could manage a monthly installment for AATR4 haha XD

In the meantime, I hope to see some of you in the spotlight \o/

Much much love with much much muchliness :heart:

Howdy folks :>

I hope you all have been doing ok :> And for those of you who've been going through tough patches, I hope they are sorted out soon. We all find ourselves in those darker days; some pass, some we are still going through, and some we feel are nearing an end.

It's good to take a break sometimes. Allow yourself some distance from everything that you're used to, see how life is still happening elsewhere, see how the sun is still shining, even if you might not see it where you usually are because there's a temporary cloud blocking it. As long as you remember that the sun is still shining, and will still be there when things are over, maybe you can find the energy to trudge through the next day, and you'll be a day closer to finding good weather again :>

Give yourself distance, view things from a different perspective, at a different scale. Take a step back and maybe whatever's bugging you might be a little bit easier to handle :>

Hope you're all doing ok :>

Hey guys,

You know what's a real bummer?

It's when you just want to have a nice, normal conversation with your pencil or computer about nice, normal, everyday topics but you can't because your throat is too swollen and painful for you to even open your mouth and squeak >8C

Sick by Jackoburra
I've been ill for the past week, which is pretty frustrating, seeing as I have so many things to sort out, like commissions, comics, Pokepeeps, projects at work, so so much. What a way to throw the spanners in the works XD; 

Still, there's fun to be made from these kind of things, like how disgusting can you make your coughs sound? Can I cough like a old wheezy pirate? How many coughs can I get in a row? Can I cough in a posh accent?  Oh the games you can play while you're ill :>

I'd rather not be ill though. Please. I think I'm on the mend now, things don't seem as bad as before :>

I hope you lot are doing ok XD Don't wanna be passin' no sickness to any of you guys heheh XD


*clears throat*...... 'scuse me

How're you all doing???

I've really not been around here for a while, only occasionally popping in for a couple of seconds at a time, but barely actually doing anything. And ... looking up at the message centre there seem to be a lot of messages I have to reply to, so I'm sorry if some of you have been waiting for a while @_@ I will get back to you!

I hope 2015 has been going well for you, it's been a bit of a crazy ride for me XD Trying to keep to my resolutions, still working towards being organised, but quickly learning that you need to make a balance between planned stuff and spontaneity, so that's fun to keep up with XD Also I've had to deal with another case of art block, one of a new kind though ._. so I'm having fun dealing with that as well.

Really there's not much to say, except that I'm still working away at both personal and professional things, I've made new friends recently which is always exciting, and I'm looking forward to travelling to places whenever I get the chance :>

Also if anybody has any tips or nice quotes that they'd like to share to deal with depressive thoughts, that would be much appreciated :> Tis always good to have them handy on those particularly down days

In the mean time, I hope you all are doing well! And I hope to be a bit more involved here again soon! :D



I hope you all had a great end to the year, or if not, at least you have a new page to work on :> 

And many apologies for any messages I've not replied to while I was away, I will try to get back to them now

The first day of 2015 was spent travelling from one side of the world to the other, and I have to say that, although I'm happy to be home, Japan was fantastic :D 

I went to so many places, saw so many things, ate so much, bought so much, experienced so much, and was inspired SO much XD

My favourite parts of the trip were going to sushi restaurants (tastes SO DAMN GOOD), forming brief friendships with strangers, and vending machines. At first the only vending machines I saw were for drinks, but as I explored more, I found smaller ones that gave out toys, and heheh.... I spent so much on Sailor Moon and Cardcaptor ones XD Vending machines are so thrilling XD

I visited Pokemon Centers in Osaka and Tokyo, received a birthday crown, a special Eevee, and several other goodies because I was a birthday girl -u- I went to Nara and fed deer, went to Arashiyama and fed monkeys, visited the Kyoto Animation shop (the studio isn't open for tours), went to the Kyoto Manga Museum and ...

...ahh there's so much to share, I can't possibly put it all in one journal XD 


I arrived back home to a messy bedroom of 2014's Katja. It accurately reflected the state of mind I was in. Unorganised, confused, frantic, rushed, filled with anxiety and stress. Going to spend the next few days clearing everything up, organising things and work on setting a new form of discipline in my life. After spending two weeks in a country running on discipline, order and efficiency, I think I can learn a thing or two :>

For my new year's resolution I would like to...

  • Be organised, so that I can be more productive, more independent, and make the most of my new occupation in life :> I'm a workin' gal now, gotta grow up :>

  • Be braver, go out of my way to get things done rather than just go with the flow and miss opportunities because I'm scared of consequences. I don't want to let things slip by if I can do something about it \o/

  • Do more acts of kindness, 2014 was a constantly slippery down-hill slope, even though so many good things were happening. One of the few things that made me smile was doing nice things for strangers, buying surprising presents for friends, and seeing how genuinely happy it made them. It's nice to feel appreciated and know that I have the ability to bring joy to peeps :> I've not been feeling that for a while.

And what I'm pretty chuffed with is the fact that I already started on these resolutions before the year ended! So yes! Leaving the chaotic 2014 behind and aiming for a smooth ride in this Year of the Spinning Mouse! Let's hope for more free time for comics, new projects, a continuation of Poképeeps, new friendships, travelling, everything going onwards and upwards!

The year ended on the most unexpected and sweetest note ever, and I left it with no regrets and so here's hoping that this is a run-up to epic things :>

I hope you all are doing okay! Let's make 2015 AWESOME B-)

I've only just been able to check on dA, for some reason the Internet in the first hotel I was at kept insisting that DeviantArt didn't exist heheh XD if only there was a dA app I could install... 

Still, thanks for all of the birthday wishes! I will try to get back to everybody when I have the time. It was definitely one of the strangest birthdays I've had so far - it began with me waking up in my warm snugly bed at home in good old Blighty, and ended with me jet lagged, confused, and lost in the middle of Tokyo on the other side of the world!

Japan's been awesome! :> My favourite bit so far is the fact that wild vending machines can appear anywhere XD mainly selling drinks though, nothing crazy. The buildings are fantastic and just.. Argh. So much here hats different to the UK, I can't describe it all XD 

The only downside is that the Pokemon Centre closed before I arrived, and the shop actually relocated to another part of Tokyo, so I guess I will visit there later on in the trip :>

I hope you're all doing fine :> hope you're having a great time preparing for Christmas and anticipating all of those presents! I willr reply to all of your messages when I can, but for now, Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

For 2015, my New Year's Resolution will beeeee...

:dance:Cheerleader:star::star::star: 600 DPI :star::star::star::happybounce:  :squee:




Lame Photoshop jokes aside, I definitely want 2015 to be a higher quality year than this one.

I hope that this year has been good for you. For me, 2014 has been a very up-and-down year, and the past few months have been... while fantastic with my new job, it has also been rather unkind and depressing. I'm going to take 2015 by the horns and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. 2014 is going to be a run-up to something fantastic -n-

At the start of 2014 I said to you it would be the Year of the Comic, the year where I could finally start my stories. Buuut of course university was still happening. So lots of game designing, character creating, and essay writing. But I finally graduated, and finally had a holiday. At the same time it was time to start job-hunting =_= The dichotomy between fun fun FUN omg SUN I've not seen you in THREE YEARS and ... i am a worthless to society... was pretty taxing. And at this point my creative energy was still recuperating. I just couldn't bring myself to draw comics XD;

But then a miracle happened and I now work at Mind Candy, and I love it there! The peeps are awesome, I'm in my element while also learning new skills, and I feel so fortunate to have been there at the right place and the right time. And so that's how the rest of the year has been. A full-time job in a studio :> But you know the thing about full-time jobs?

There's not a lot of personal time to focus on personal things.

And I have so many ideas that I love all equally, so it's difficult to decide on which to start first. The good thing though is that I DO have time - it's measly scraps of time, but it's SOMETHING.

SO! For 2015 I'd like to focus on being more organised!

Gonna plan my time, pace things out, worry less, work more ... oh gosh.... so easy to say XD

I'm writing this now, because I'm in Japan next week and I'm not sure how much internet access there will be. Going to spend my birthday on a plane XD Pokémon Alpha Sapphire will keep me entertained :> And I'm really hoping that this trip would give this year a great ending XD I really really need it XD

I hope you all are doing ok, and you're having a great holiday! Have any of you guys thought of any other ideas for a new year's resolution? And just in case I'm not around to say it at the time, I hope you have a WONDERFUL Christmas, or a FANTASTIC holiday \o/ And I wish you all a fresh new start to a brand new year! :>

Howdy peeps!

The Saturday meetup went AWESOMELY with amianna and I starting our Pokémon journey in Hoenn! \o/

Ohhhh lordy Hamleys was so crowded, being the weekend fever, London fever, and Black Friday fever all squished into one day @_@ I didn't know Black Friday was a thing in the UK. Madness. Still, after queuing for ages, we bought our games (FINALLY got Red Dead Redemption YEEEHAW! Been wanting to play that for AGES!), and not only did we bag Alpha Sapphire, but bought some sweet sweet Pokémon cards including THIS monstrocity

PokeGoods by Jackoburra

Aint that the biggest Pokémon card you've ever laid eyes on? That's going on my wall that is -u- I don't think it's a playable card...

Still the Saturday meetup was a very exciting day, and we ventured to other parts of London and oogled at lots of really nice cakes, sweets, books, illustrations... lots of fun stuff :> My feet were tired at the end Q_Q

And so far, I'm LOVING Alpha Sapphire - it's a real joy to play, and I love the little details here and there, with the protagonist bending down to talk to little children or small Pokémon, or kneeling on the floor if peeps are kneeling at the table, I love scattering clusters of Wingulls sitting at the beach, and the extra novelty of sneaking up on Pokémon and discovering if they have special abilities or moves! Definitely made me spend much longer in the long grass and capturing much more Pokes than I usually do :> And there are so many Pokémon I want to train, I just don't have enough space in my party for them all Q_Q going to have to say goodbye to some of them one day (I miss you Angua, my dear Thunderfanging Poochyena) I have one or two issues with the music, but other than that, it's an amazing remake so far (just reached Dewford Town and started a Zinc Masters trend there).

So yes, it's been a great weekend :> I hope you all are enjoying your playthrough of Alpha Sapphire or Omega Ruby - ohhh lordy I'm so looking forward to discovering my friends' secret bases XD 

If anybody is interested in another meetup, or simply want to share Friend Codes or something, note me and let the magic begin :>

See you later :>

To the anonymous person who bought me the 3-month premium membership here...

Tankuuuu by Jackoburra

That was ... a really really sweet thing to do :> It was quite a surprise to find an email from deviantART informing me about this, and I'm not sure why you chose to remain anonymous, but I will respect that decision and not hunt you down for a hug XD I'm really bad when it comes to guesswork, especially when there are so many people following me here - makes it hard to narrow things down.

So I am not going to narrow things down.

I'm going to take this gesture of kindness from unknown origins as a collective response from everybody here :> from all you good peeps who have been so patient in waiting for the next pieces of artwork I submit, from all you peeps who have been supporting me way back, over the years, months, days, even hours. I'm taking this as a gift from everybody who have enjoyed the work I do, and have stuck around to see more, be it random art, my stories, or the Poképeeps. 

Thank you for the support, everybody :> Thank you for this gift! I know I'm not very responsive all the time, or the most talkative person out there, but I try to get back to you all when I can :heart: And I will keep doing so \o/ I really do appreciate hearing back from everybody after every submission, it's fun to hear your opinions and interpretations on things I create - it makes every line I draw, every thought process I go through, and every decision I make all worth it :> And that's a fantastic feeling to have :>

So thank you everybody! You guys are awesome B>

Also, what's been going on during my sort-of silence here?

I am now working as an artist at Mind Candy, and since starting my job, I've been a very busy person indeed. I spend most of the day working, and by the time I get back, I have a very short space of time to get things done, finish off things that I hadn't finished the day before, or the day before that, work on personal projects and catch up on sleep. I don't think I've had a day where I've managed to finish everything @_@ 

I've been able to keep up with Poképeeps submissions here, and although I was ill last week, thankfully I have now got a Sandshrew Poképeep scanned up and ready for colouring \o/ so we may see something yet!

This also brings me to the topic of Commissions.

Some peeps have been asking me about commissions for a while now, and unfortunately for varying reasons throughout time, I've not been able to open anything up. And I'm sorry about that. I've been penning commission details, and I am also figuring out something in regards to the Poképeeps, since peeps have been requesting certain ones.

So yes, commissions are eventually going to happen! Sorry for the wait! XD;;; 

Anyway, that's what's been going on down my end, I hope you all are doing well :> And once again, thank you so much for your support, I truly enjoy hearing back from you, knowing what you think about stuff, and joining in with sharing ideas and such :> I'm glad my works inspire you to take part as much as you inspire me to create more :>

I hope you all are coping well with things down your end :>

Im Back by Jackoburra
Howdy peeps!

I've been away here for quite some time XD and there's a little pile of messages I have to reply to, so I'm sorry for the delay if you're waiting for an answer from me :> I hope you've all been doing well in my absence!

So what's been happening over on my side? I graduated from university, got to wear the giant gown with giant sleeves and the strange hat, and joined in with peeps on my course in imitating vampires shielding from the sun - most appropriate XD Soooo yep now university is over, and I have a degree in Games Design! And then a month later, and after a series of interviews, I was offered a job as a game artist in London, so everything's going ticketyboo and it's all very exciting :> Of course a lot of other things happened during that time, I traveled a bit, a friend came to stay, me battling art block and busy being inspired and creative, playing new games and stuff - lots and lots of things :>

Oh, and I must make an apology to the peeps who were expecting to see me in the Comiket at the British Library; unfortunately I had to cancel it, due to rather last minute circumstances :B In the end the stall was run by my friend, Asia Alfasi, so maybe you all met her :>

And as you may have noticed, a brand new PokéPeep is up in my gallery :> I've not gone impressively far into the KantoDex, due to how busy I've been, but hopefully with a more stable schedule from now on, I'll be able pick up the pace - I have every intention to finish this project haha XD Although sometimes the finishing line is a long long way away, I'm still as stubbornly positive that it will be done :< After all, the journey doesn't end until I say so -n- Anyway I'll do my best, I'm going to see how it can adjust around my job, as I've also got other projects I'd like to  keep working on *cough*comics*cough*. 

I hope you guys are doing well :> 

Howdy peeps!

Some of you may remember the time back in .. ages ago when I arrived 3rd place with To Sail a Moon in the Manga Jiman 2010 competition.

Some of you may also remember the time when the opening pages of Invidia arrived 3rd place in the Manga Jiman 2012 competition.

So now here's a new thing to remember:
My new short comic Oh Crumbs! has arrived 1st place in the Manga Jiman 2013 competition XD

And the prize for 1st place? Is a plane ticket to Japan! Yesssss XD

At last, third time lucky, I've won :> The judges were rather moved by my efforts over the years, and definitely with each entry there was obvious improvement - a few tears were shed when one of the judges was reading out why Oh Crumbs! won, which was Q_Q very moving Q_Q 

But ahhhh, it was a great time at the ceremony XD So many peeps kept coming up to me before the results were announced, saying how much they loved my comic and in the end I only managed to read three of the eleven comics exhibited there XD And then after the results were announced, peeps were queuing to talk to me @_@ it was all so strange, I'm not used to talking to people XD Still, it was a great time there, and the sushi was really nice :> Wish I could have eaten more, I hadn't really eaten much that day. Or slept. University work has been really pressing.

Speaking of university, I still have two more assignments to get through, and after they're done, I'll post up Oh Crumbs! I hope you look forward to it :> Oh gosh I'm soooo looking forward to finishing university =_= I have a lot of plans afterwards - wrote a list and everything. I am going to be such a busy person XD 

Anyways see you later! 


LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! Artists of deviantART!

It is my absolute pleasure to announce the results of the Envy Contest!

I have received a load of amazing entries and I've been blown away at the range of ideas peeps have had! Each entry was so unique and intriguing with their interpretation of Invidia so it was tricky at times sifting through and figuring out which would come away with the top prizes. But Magpie's decision has now been made so let us dilly-dally not a moment longer!Extra Note: Not all who entered are on deviantART, and not all deviants have posted up their entries here so I cannot provide thumbnails for them all, and for the life of me I cannot figure out why I can't post up images here anymore @_@;


1st Place belongs to… Brakkenimation :iconbrakkenimation:

with his jaw-dropping entry Envy

Envy by Brakkenimation

The instant I saw this I was speechless! The magnificence displayed in this picture is astounding, the composition phenomenal, and absolutely a pleasure to look at! I love the detail in the shading, how meticulously they've been placed. Golly, even the subtle shades add so much more character to the image! I'm learning a thing or two here XD And how can one ignore all that green? So vivid and powerful and somehow captures the unsettling atmosphere the poor Darlingtons eventually find themselves in, especially with the innovative use of the playing cards :> and at the centre of this all is Lucifer himself, standing tall and majestic, reaching out a hand and inviting you into the chaos which only he can survive in. Standing on the Ace of Spades, you can tell who's in power - I can safely say that Brakkenimation has got Old Lucy spot on :D And then up there is the hat that started it all…

As for the Envy Meter? Definitely off the charts XD I'm feeling that envy from studying this picture. Gonna take some notes down from here, cos there are definitely aspects here I'd like to get better at myself! Definitely, undeniably the winner of the contest :D

And so what does Brakkenimation win from this? Envy will have a full-page feature within the printed and digital copy of The Seven Deadly Sins anthology after the comic Invidia, and a free printed copy will be posted over to him! Now ain't that fantabulously fantissimmo?


2nd Place goes to… Kila-Ibyao :iconkila-ibyao:

with her very amusing entry Magic Fun

***Please click to view the entry***

I found this entry absolutely hilarious XD The sight of Lucifer ever-so-playfully holding the hat out of Adelle's reach sent me into giggles – Kila-Ibyao has definitely captured the teasing side of Lucifer :> especially with the bemused expression on his face! Kila-Ibyao made an excellent job with body language and you can clearly see who's got their hat the right way on – figuratively speaking – and in the background there is the hungry expression of somebody patiently waiting to grab her chance at freedom. Joviality and severity seized in one illustration isn't always easy to do, but I think this entry performed astoundingly in that aspect, so definitely loads of goodie points awarded there!  I was also very impressed at the amount of detail put into the shading of the characters as it definitely brought it to life! What made this entry get to second place was the fact that it struck so close to what could actually have happened in the comic :> Definitely an opportunity that Old Lucy would grab if he had the chance!

So much 'wanting' going on in this picture, the tantrum and the predatory gaze – metaphorically speaking I guess, enough to rate a perritty high score on the Envy Meter :>

And so what does kila-ibyao win from this? Magic Fun will have its feature at the back of the The Seven Deadly Sins anthology, plus a free copy shall be shipped over to her! :dance: Stupendously superrific!


Aaaaaaaaand 3rd place goes to… MistPower101 :iconmistpower101:

with her astounding entry Invidia

Invidia by MistPower101

I was blown away at how much detail was cast into this entry! I loved how all of the characters fitted into the great scheme of things with Mr Darlington holding the Greek Tragedy masks, to Lucifer observing events below with interest, particular cards held in his hands, and two lost souls clinging to each other in the hopes of getting what they desire. There is so much going on in this piece you have to study it slowly to take it all in! I particularly like how MistPower101 has included Lucifer's old ringmaster outfit back in the days of Artists At The Ready 2 XD That's a nice touch, and I'm not sure if this was a coincidence or anything, but the middle outfit strikes a similarity to the outfit Lucifer dons for the Artists At The Ready 3! So yeah, a little bit that fascinated me personally XD And I have an absolute thing for colours XD So this definitely ticked the right boxed in the colour department :> SO MANY OF THEM! YAY! With the magical wonderland in the mirror being all pretty and sparkly, and the depressing realm of reality so dark and overwhelming, and then the bright, bright and most temptingly thin line of that envious green dividing the two worlds apart, lots of points are awarded there! I think what grabbed my attention most of all was just how much effort Mistpower101 put in to make this masterpiece! Definitely deserving of a prize :> And for the Envy Meter? The sin is strong in this one heheheh…

And so what does MistPower101 win from this? Invidia will have its feature at the back of the The Seven Deadly Sins anthology, plus a free copy shall be shipped over to her! :dance: Astronomicalmazingly Awesome! I think I should stop with this now XD

Thank you to everybody who took part in this contest! It has been a real pleasure looking at all of the entries you all have to offer! But I'm not finished yet! What kind of contest would this be without…



:star::iconmischiefjoker:MischiefJoKeR with Invidia Contest Entry - I love how Lucifer is playfully tossing the Darlingtons around with his cards!

:star::iconmiss-marv:miss-marv with Envy Contest I really like how Miss-Marv continued the concept of Envy :D

:star::iconisabeljoanvalentine:isabeljoanvalentine with Untitled Entry - It's lovely that Isabel thought to include some of the other acts into the frame! XD

:star:Alianor with Untitled Entry I thought Alianor's concept of a wilting rose as a symbol of envy really thoughtful :D and definitely Lucifer's style!

:star::iconmiamoryhj:MiamoryHJ with Lucifer and Adelle I think Lucifer looks justifiably pleased with his handiwork, don't you? :>

And what do these lovely Runner Ups receive? Discount Vouchers for the purchase of the Seven Deadly Sins anthology upon release!

And that's all for now folks! I hope you all have had a wonderful time entering, and I look forward to holding another competition whenever that may be :> To all of the winners, I shall be sending notes or emails to you regarding the prizes, and congratulations for winning! YAY! :dance: The date when the Seven Deadly Sins will be released and ready for purchase has been unfortunately delayed, but we're working our best on getting back on track, so in the meantime have fun and get drawing drawing drawing! :D

Ahhh I was hoping to draw a lovely END OF CONTEST picture for the end of the ENvy contest, but alas I'm too busy :< so this journal will have to do for now. I also apologize that this announcement is kinda late - things have been really hectic down my end  (all explained on Tumblr) and argh my brain is scattered all over the place trying to sort things out XC


Good afternoon everybody! Magpie is here to announce that the Envy Contest is now officially OVER!

:dance::dance:I've received some really wonderful entries from both in and outside of deviantART and I am honestly amazed at how much effort people have been putting into their pieces! Seriously! I can tell how hard peeps have worked for this XD:dance::dance:

Yes yes I've been loving all of your entries, and just seeing Lucifer and co. being penned by another hand makes my day :D The ideas behind them all are unique and really novel, so I'm glad that you guys have had fun in this project XD Oh lordy seeing these pieces makes me all inspired and fired up :> Definitely the type of creative energy I be needing at this time of year!

I shall reveal the winners before the end of the month, so make sure that you have your eyes peeled for it :> To those who did not manage to submit their entries on time, I'd love to see how far you reached anyway :> Creative energy is not to be wasted XD

A reminder of the Prizes:
-1st Place - A full page of The Seven Deadly Sins will display the winning entry. The winner will then receive a free copy of the anthology.

- 2nd & 3rd Place - A free copy of The Seven Deadly Sins and their entries featured on a smaller scale in The Seven Deadly Sins.

- Runner ups will receive a discount voucher for the purchase of The Seven Deadly Sins

Argh I'm so happy with all of the entries that I'd like to throw something extra in anyway for all peeps who participated XD Not sure what though, but I'll figure out something :D Suggestions would be cool :>

If you missed out on the contest or want a higher chance of winning a prize, other contests are being held under this Seven Deadly Sins project. They have the same prizes but later deadlines, so have a gander and enter if you like :>

:star:Sloth :star: Pride :star: Lust :star: Wrath :star:

To all you guys who entered, thank you so much :D You're AWESOME! I've gotta get back to work now (no rest for the likes of me) but yep yep keep a look out for the results as they will be coming soon :>