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Howdy peeps!

I hope you're doing ok! I have two announcements I'd like to make for the journal :>

  • Hiring Artists

Sooooo the company I'm working for, Mind Candy, is looking to hire freelance artists to work on one of their new projects. They need 2D illustrators who can adapt to a new style and are familiar with Photoshop. Artists can be from anywhere around the world. So it's... pretty straightforward and pretty much covers most of you guys here XD Aaaaand yes, you get paid with money XD

I can't go into details here about the project I think, but if you're interested, or know somebody who might be, send me a note with:
  1. Your full name
  2. Email address
  3. Portfolio/website
Yip yip, send me that, and I'll pass your name on and see how it goes from there :> I've got some friends working on the project already, so it would be great to see who else comes on board :D Oh and ummm, please send it via note, or to the email address - it just helps things keep more organised for me XD

And onto the next announcement...

  • Manga Jiman

I just came back from the Bradford Literature Festival where I helped launch the newest Manga Jiman competition! It was a lot of fun talking on the panel with fellow former Jiman winners and organizers :> The theme for this year is:


Soooo get your thinking caps on and get cracking with all those possible stories and comics :>>> At the moment the rules and application forms haven't been posted up on the Embassy of Japan's website (I'll update the journal when it's there), but I hardly think they would have changed from the past few years:
  • This competition is for UK peeps only
  • DEADLINE: Monday 24 October 2016
  • Manga Jiman competition: Ages 14+
  • Yonkoma competition: Ages 11-13
Manga Jiman contest: The task is to draw a 6-8 page comic based on the theme 'Sights of Japan'. It should be A4 sized, reading from left to right, and has to be in black & white or in greyscale. A front cover is optional, does not count as one of the 6-8 pages, and will not be considered when judging - it's just for your satisfaction only, if you really love front covers XD

1st Prize: Two return tickets to Japan, courtesy of ANA - All Nippon Airways
2nd Prize: A brand new laptop, courtesy of TOSHIBA
3rd Prize: A brand new camera, courtesy of TOSHIBA
Runner up Prizes: A range of goodies, from manga & DVD collections, to art materials, to original cell-art & prints from the Japanese Gallery

Yonkoma contest: The task is to draw a 4 panel comic strip on a single A4 page, based on the theme 'Sights of Japan'. I'm not sure about covers but ... you can draw one if you really want to I guess :B It still won't give you bonus points.

1st Prize: An original print from the Japanese Gallery

This year's theme feels oddly specific - I don't remember previous contest rules saying anything about what should be included in the comic - the themes were pretty loose for interpretation. This year though you're still able to interpret it in any way, just they'd like to be able to see/read a mention of something actually in Japan. 

' Please note this does not have to be restricted to famous places in Japan but can be images or scenes found in the country'
From their Facebook page
Perhaps this will be clarified a bit more when the rules are posted on the Embassy website later. For now though, this might be worth keeping in mind :> They've also provided links that can be used for inspiration here and here.

Aaaaaand that's about it :D
I hope to hear back from anybody who's interested in doing some freelance stuff, and I look forward to seeing what magic can be made on the Manga Jiman side in future :> Either way, I hope you're all doing well! I'll be off now :>

See you later

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TheGoldilocks Featured By Owner May 23, 2016
Maaan, all these places hiring artists and I either...
-don't have the time right now
Jackoburra Featured By Owner May 24, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
Yeaaah I know how that goes XD Well I just checked with my colleague who deals with the whole hiring process, and he says right now there isn't a deadline for applications, it's just an on-going search for artists, so you can send an application whenever you have the time :> And looking at your gallery, I think you're definitely able to feel confident in yourself :> So no worries :D It's all cool! \o/
TheGoldilocks Featured By Owner May 25, 2016
Oh, wow, thank you! : o Well, I've bookmarked the company site, so if I find more time in the future, I'll apply. :3c
MintChocoFusion Featured By Owner May 23, 2016
Dang I've never read a journal with so many exciting things to participate in! :la:
Jackoburra Featured By Owner May 23, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
Heheh XD It felt really nice to write this journal :> Alllllll the possibilities XD
MischiefJoKeR Featured By Owner May 23, 2016  Student Digital Artist
How long do you think the submission for hiring artists will be? I need to update my portfolio pretty badly lol
Jackoburra Featured By Owner May 23, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
Actually I never thought to ask, but if you can put a portfolio together within the next two weeks, you should be fine :> I'll check on it tomorrow :D
MischiefJoKeR Featured By Owner May 23, 2016  Student Digital Artist
Okay, WHEW 2 weeks should be plenty of time :'D Thanks! 
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